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  • 1.  SNMP V3

    Posted 03-29-2022 23:55
    Is SNMP V3 supported?

    If possible, can you provide a setup guide for this?

    Mirae Kim

  • 2.  RE: SNMP V3

    Posted 03-30-2022 07:40

    Hi Mirae,

    I think this should help with your query: 


    Do Imperva On-Premises appliances support SNMPv3? 


    SNMPv3 is officially supported for monitoring Imperva On-Premises appliances health and environment starting version 14.2 and v13.6 Patch 50. 

    These are the impctl commands allowing to easily configure SNMPv3 on Imperva On-Premises device:

    SNMP--Do Imperva On-Premises appliances support SNMPv3

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Sarah Lamont(csp)
    Digital Community Manager