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  • 1.  Send Report to File Share via Action Set

    Posted 11-30-2021 16:22
    With SecureSphere v13.6, I would like to send a report to be consumed by another internal process within our company by placing it on a file share.  I would like to use an Action Set to do such.   Anyone have experience doing this?

    Questions: I would have

    Would the target file share have to be an NFS mounted?
    Would the OS shell Command be suffice to copy (cp) to share.   
    1. command: cp
    2. command parameters: /opt/SecureSphere/server/SecureSphere/jakarta-tomcat-secsph/webapps/SecureSphere/${Job.attachment} [Remote target drive path here]
    3. Is there an user account that needs to be created w/n SecureSphere?
    4. Any differences if target is Windows vs. Linux server?


    Kyle Prescott
    Director, IT Delivery

  • 2.  RE: Send Report to File Share via Action Set

    Imperva Employee
    Posted 12-01-2021 03:29
    you could use an action set or setup an action interface "Archive to a SCP Location"
    this would copy the report to the desired location.

    Trevor Jackson
    Professional Services Consultant
    Tel Aviv CA