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  • 1.  WAF Imperva deployment questions

    Posted 04-04-2022 06:15
    Hi everyone,

    I'm newbie with Imperva devices. 
    I'm deploying 2 WAF X2020 to my system in Non-transparent reverse proxy. Logic flow below: 
    ISP -> Router -> WAF -> FW -> Web server.
    All physcial devices connect to switch to transfer data together.
    I choose eth2 on each gatewate and make it in/ext interface (one-arm mode).
    I add static route nexthop: router for traffic from web server to external and route X.X.X.0/24 nexthop: fw for internal traffic.
    I can ping and telnet port 80 from web server to in/external ip. But when i use web browser from client and access to external ip, it can not get any data from web server. 

    Please help me review and correct me if i'm wrong.



    Anh Nguyen
    System Admin

  • 2.  RE: WAF Imperva deployment questions

    Posted 04-05-2022 07:16

    Hi Anh,

    I will look into this. In the meantime, this link might be useful...

    Best Practises for WAF Gateway Deployment


    Sarah Lamont(csp)
    Digital Community Manager

  • 3.  RE: WAF Imperva deployment questions

    Posted 04-13-2022 12:04
    Hi Anh,

    Can you test accessing the Web Servers IP directly from your client, and if so, is a page displayed?

    Depending upon the webserver configuration, it may not respond to an IP request because it is expecting a host name to present in the host header.