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  • 1.  Migrate Imperva WAF from old to new Imperva WAF

    Posted 12-08-2021 03:24
    Hello All,

    I have some questioned regarding Imperva WAF Migration POA. Can any one help me with proper POA for the same.

    I have already running Imperva WAF in production. which is going to expire soon. 
    we have purchase new Imperva WAF for the same. What steps or procedures  should we perform for migrate old imperva waf to new imeprva waf. below is the scenario .

    1- Copy MX MGMT config to new MX MGMT and replace new imperva WAF with old Imperva WAF.
    2- Fresh and manually configure new imperva WAF with help of old Imperva WAF configuration.

    If any other way is available kindly suggest.

    Prashant Alhat
    Technical Consultant

  • 2.  RE: Migrate Imperva WAF from old to new Imperva WAF

    Posted 12-09-2021 15:07

    you have two ways.
    First - you can do everything from scratch. But If you want to keep the current configuration you should migrate WAF, and it is the second option.
    So if you bought the new MX and you want to keep the existing configuration you have to have the same IMPERVA version on both MX.
    Next, on the old one, you have to do "a full export system" (  ) and recover it on the new one.
    When MX will be working well then you can connect the new gateways to the new MX. Please remember that the IMPERVA version has to be the same on all gateways - new and old ones.
    Next, you have to use the replacement mode in the gateway wizard. You HAVE TO USE the same name, IP, and rest of the settings from old to new.

    what should you choose?
    It depends on you. If your web profiles are big, old, and cluttered you can do everything from scratch.
    But if you have the perfect existing configuration then migrate the WAF.

    good luck!

    Karol Gruszczynski
    Trafford IT