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  • Hi All, As per our design where Agents will be communicating to Imperva, we are achieving high availability between gateways via Load balancer however, while we were configuring Azure SQL in Event hub we noticed that log collector on Imperva allow only 1 gateway to be selected. Even though we are doing load balancing on gateways but in my log collection configuration traffic will only be received by Gateway 1. If anyone has done similar setup, appreciate your feedback and suggestion. Regards ... More

  • Dear All, Any one deployed DAM solution for SAP Hana Databases running on RHEL 8 for Sap Solution. I need use cases details and how we can achieve it because i am new for SAP HANA integration with DAM Solution. Also as per Documentation of Imperva their is no Assessment or URM scan showing for SAP Hana, Is it correct or we can run URM and Assessment scan for SAP through Imperva DAM. #DatabaseActivityMonitoring ------------------------------ Shanti Lal Cyber Security Engineer CyberGate Defense ... More

  • Hello, A couple of Oracle Services were configured with wrong ports, they were fixed, however the audit and security policy information continues to be tagged with the previous information. How long does it take for the Securesphere to refresh this new configuration? Do I need to update the ports at some other point? Thanks in advance. #DatabaseActivityMonitoring ------------------------------ David Pineda Security Engineer Mexico City ------------------------------ More

  • Hi Did anyone encounter audit purge scheduling that is not working? Manually audit purging does work perfectly. My DAM disk and utilization status were OPTIMAL. Time (NTP) is correct. The automatic AUDIT purge scheduling was; Occurs: Monthly Day: 7 Of Every Month Somehow, upon checking from Job Status to verify, status has X remark TIA, leangf #DatabaseActivityMonitoring ------------------------------ Angfe Landagan Sr. Solutions Engr Philippines ------------------- ... More

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    Hi Team What happen if I rewrite the response header like x-frame-options,x-content-type-options or x-xss protection, It is added security still with this change or it ''will be only visual change? #CloudWAF(formerlyIncapsula) ------------------------------ Ivan Velasquez Ingeniero i2ss Bogota ------------------------------ More

  • Hi All, We are using On-Premise WAF v13.6 and wondering if there is any way to see classification data on ThreatRadar Bot Protection dashboard per application ? At this point we see overall classification data which is great, however we have number of application and each application owners are very keen to see visitors statistics for their own application separately. Is this feasible? #On-PremisesWAF(formerlySecuresphere) ------------------------------ Varun Singh Security Engineer North Sydney ... More

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    Does Imperva Database activity monitoring support varchar(max) column length in sql server 2016? #DatabaseActivityMonitoring ------------------------------ Richard Sharp Data Protection Regions Bank Birmingham AL ------------------------------ More

  • I have some question related audit and agent report. 1. In audit report one column is there "response time". It is related the response taken by the database for given query or response taken by the gateway for given query? 2. Is there any way to generate or view traffic analysis of data interface of particular agent from backend. I want to see the the traffic of data interface in minutes for perticilar day older then 5 days. I am getting in hour or day base from front end. 3. Can I do the capping ... More

  • Thanks for your attention. Much appreciated. A colleague would like to use windows domain credentials to scan an mssql server (mssql server has windows authentication enabled). Attempts to log into and scan an mssql server with MS SQL's "Extended Protection" in sql configuration manager for a database/instance fails with "untrusted domain" message after clicking "GO" in Scuba's interface. We are wondering if Scuba supports "Extended Protection"? (we tested with it off, and there were no problems). ... More

  • An unfortunate bit of news recently came to light. A trusted supplier of network monitoring software was the victim of a hacking group targeting the supplier's customers - particularly those in the US Federal Government and other enterprises with valuable data to steal. Infiltrating the supplier's infrastructure, the group was able to modify the code of an innocuous sounding update made available to the network monitoring software installed at customer locations. The tainted update included ... More

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  • Requirement: Any api with /api/* need to be routed DC1 and other APIs that don't have URI -/api/* need to be routed to DC2. In DC1 we have 2 servers and server 1 should receive 5% traffic and server2 should receive 95% traffic. DC2 has one server and should receive 100% of "other" api traffic. How do we achieve this in Incapsula? #CloudWAF(formerlyIncapsula) ------------------------------ Chandrasena Sriramoju ------------------------------ More

  • Hello everyone, We're excited to announce Imperva Amplify, a FREE virtual live & on-demand user conference taking place February 23-24, 2021. This event is designed for practitioners and executives who use Imperva products today. There will be inspiring keynote speakers, engaging deep dive breakouts, and the opportunity to meet and network with other Imperva users and SMEs. Are you interested in staying up-to-date on Imperva Amplify? Click here to learn when registration goes live, speaker ... More

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  • It is important to understand how your implementation of the Advanced Bot Protection can impact user workflow. For this brief post, I will go over how distinct domain can interact with each other. Assumptions. Within Website Group Foo, I have the domain foo.badbotjail.com and it uses encryption key ABC. Within Website Group Bar, I have the domain bar.badbotjail.com and it also is configured to use encryption key ABC. Both domains have the reese84 cookie scoped to badbotjail.com Both ... More

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