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  • Hi all, I am new to Imperva's Cloud WAF and am curious if anyone has experience with integrating Imperva Cloud WAF (Incapsula) with Rapid 7's Insight IDR and SIEM. Mainly, I'd like to see the event logs get pushed to Insight IDR if possible. What have you found to work the best? #CloudWAF(formerlyIncapsula) ------------------------------ Ben Wolfey Application Security Manager Ogden UT ------------------------------ More

  • Team, We have recently observed "MX Stopped" alert due to root directory utilization and alert was not sent over mail as MX was stopped functioning. We want to configure the Solarwind alert for same. Can anyone help to enable alert in Solarwind. Thanks #On-PremisesWAF(formerlySecuresphere) ------------------------------ Govind Jadhav Security Consultant Mumbai ------------------------------ More

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    Export/Importing site trees

    When exporting and importing a site tree from one MX to another, we are finding that all direct access connections fail the connection test with this error after the Import. Has anyone else came across this error?? Couldn't establish database connection to MsSql service at IP xx.xx.xx.xx, Port 1433: Error unwrapping key. Please verify configuration, and that you have saved your changes, then try again. #DatabaseActivityMonitoring ------------------------------ Joe C ----------------------- ... More

  • Dear all, Just would like to know your throughts and experience sharing. Will you enable these rules? Or, for this kind of layer3/4 defense, you will leave them to be handled by Firewall & IPS devices? Thank you. #On-PremisesWAF(formerlySecuresphere) ------------------------------ Ken Chau IT Manager Central Hong Kong ------------------------------ More

  • https://imperva.uservoice.com/forums/924103-data-security/suggestions/44921140-report-to-show-kernel-vs-user-space-agent https://imperva.uservoice.com/forums/924103-data-security/suggestions/45129190-kernel-space-monitoring-option-on-agent-install Thanks Imperva Community!!! #DatabaseActivityMonitoring #ImpervaAgent ------------------------------ Michael Kozikowski Chief Cybersecurity Engineer Visa Wilmington DE ------------------------------ More

  • Users are authenticating through SQL server authentication for MsSQL and similarly for Oracle database using database authentication. We need to verify below attributes for password complexity: • End-user passwords must be changed every sixty (60) days. • At a minimum, twenty-four (24) previous end-user passwords shall not be repeated by any Employee for a particular system or application. • Employees will be locked out of system or application after a maximum of five (5) unsuccessful logon attempts. ... More

  • Hello, It seems that I cannot preview custom error pages. I have entered valid HTML into the field, making certain that I have $TITLE$ and $BODY$ placeholders. When I click on the preview button, it loads a blank page. Viewing shows a skeletal HTML document structure with minimal tags and no content. #CloudWAF(formerlyIncapsula) ------------------------------ Todd Bunce Application Security Technical Lead OR ------------------------------ More

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    Reports Questions

    Good day everyone I have questions in regard to reports from on-prem device. I generate a reports that contain the alert name, description, number of events and destination IP. As I sum up the number of events the result is only a 5k plus but when I generate the reports without the destination IP and sum up all the number of events the result is 400k plus. Can anyone explain this? I was having difficulty in understanding this part. Thank you. #On-PremisesWAF(formerlySecuresphere) ------------------------------ ... More

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  • Hi, Any ideas so that, through SECURESPHERE, we can detect communication interruptions in the protected databases (something like generating database availability alerts). #DatabaseActivityMonitoring ------------------------------ Javier Carmona Baeza Support Team Mexico City ------------------------------ More

  • I created a custom assessment report and need to include custom columns such as "Data Script Result Column 2 and 3", but I want the column names to show a custom value instead of the "Data Script Result Column". Is it somehow possible to do and to then send that report by email? #DatabaseActivityMonitoring ------------------------------ Juan Cardona Professional Services Supervisor NOVARED S.A. Buenos Aires ------------------------------ More