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  • 1.  EOL for Virtual Appliances

    Posted 11-07-2023 04:19

    Hello to all,

    Is there an EOL for the virtual appliances?

    On the EOL/EOS URL I see HW appliances and Software versions only.

    Thank you!


    Vasilis Panourgias
    Presales Engineer
    ITWAY Hellas S.A.

  • 2.  RE: EOL for Virtual Appliances
    Best Answer

    Posted 11-07-2023 11:38

    Hi Vasilis,

    I've seen this come up in two different scenarios over the years.

    1)  Imperva:  The Virtual Appliances is Software (obviously; I know), and needs to meet the compliance for software version EOL

    2)  CustomerThe customer / NOC had an internal policy regarding golden images or bare metal installations, etc...  Perhaps a precursor to the DevOps model of redeploying instead of upgrading, etc...  ie.. maximum age for any system hardware or OS = 5-years.  After that timeframe, the system must be redeployed according to current vendor recommendations / specifications or internal center of excellence best practices, etc.

    I don't know if you ever had a copy of the Imperva SysInfo script that our consulting team uses, but among other things, it iterates a list of all patches and upgrades that have been performed on the existing system.  Combining that with the current/average uptime has been helpful in understanding the current state of the environment.  Does your team perform any similar activities / reviews as part of your Health Check Services ?

    John Thompson
    Presales Director
    San Diego CA