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  • 1.  Get parameter reports - mobile application

    Posted 08-25-2023 01:31

    I have a rule where I visualize all the events that there are towards my mobile application, the logs that are shown in the rule are like this:

    In which the parameters are the following:

    One of the important parameters is the device Model, my query is how can I have a report with all the logs of all the deviceModel of the rule?
    I have tried to make reports from "ManageReports" however the information is distorted with the other parameters.



  • 2.  RE: Get parameter reports - mobile application

    Posted 09-01-2023 10:22

    Dear Jose,

    Regarding the body of the request, I regret to inform you that we won't be able to generate the report from it. Unfortunately, we do not log this information in our database.

    Thank you for your post to the community.

    Nikhil Nandode