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  • 1.  imperva gateway snmp OID

    Posted 01-29-2024 22:11

    We want to get the Gateway SN by SNMP polling,but we can`t find this OID. 


    kaikai Guo
    cyber security engineer
    Wuxi Apptec
    Shanghai MN

  • 2.  RE: imperva gateway snmp OID

    Posted 01-30-2024 01:43
    Edited by John Thompson 02-02-2024 00:28

    Hi @kaikai Guo ,

    Have you already reviewed the SNMP knowledgebase article at: 

    If you have and it wasn't helpful, may I ask what you're trying to do, or what your goal is?

    As an alternative, would querying for the SN of the GW over SSH via the CLI work for what you're trying to accomplish?

    Personally, I've used some of the following IMPCTL and BASH commands for years to gather rather helpful information about appliances; either in a script or run individually at the command line.  Example:

    echo -n "Serial Number X  :  "; dmidecode -s system-serial-number
    echo -n "Asset Tag        :  "; dmidecode -s chassis-asset-tag;
    echo -n "Hostname         :  "; hostname
    echo "MGMT NIC IP      :  $(impctl platform network interface show --name=management | awk -F[=,] '{print $4}')"
    echo -n "Large Scale      :  $(impctl gateway show | grep sonar | awk '{print $2}')"
    echo -n "SS Role          :  "; impctl product show | awk '/role/ {print $2}'
    echo -n "SS Build         :  "; impctl product show | awk '/role/ {print $2}'
    echo -n "Model            :  "; impctl platform show | grep -i model | awk '{print $2'}
    echo -n "SS GW Name       :  "; impctl gateway show| grep name | awk '{print $2}';
              echo -n "Registered to MX :  "; impctl gateway show| grep server-address | awk '{print $2}';
    echo -n "Operational Type :  "; cat /opt/SecureSphere/etc/bootstrap.xml | grep prepared | grep product | awk -F'"' '{print $6}'		  
    echo "============= SECURESPHERE SNMP INFORMATION ==========="
    impctl platform snmp status | grep -A10 Active

    I don't believe the GW /status page lists the SN.  It has GW name and model, current state and status, bypass mode, connectors and counters, etc...  And, I don't believe that the WAF GW API currently supports retrieving the GWs serial number, but you can check/watch here (, and you can submit an enhancement request / feature request here ( on our customer feedback site.

    Hopefully, I've shared a possible solution or workaround for what you're looking to do.  If not, I'd love to hear more about what you're trying to do and why.  Perhaps we can figure something out.

    Let us know.  ;-)

    John Thompson
    Director, Channel Presales
    San Diego CA