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  • 1.  One of site is blocking the file upload - slow http - DDOS

    Posted 12-15-2023 07:37
    Slow HTTP
    POST Blocked
    Request Details
    Incident ID
    Client disconnected while receiving response
    Query String
    Post Data
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    How I can allow this in IMPERVA WAF


    Arularasan M
    Network Security
    Mattel, Inc.
    El Segundo CA

  • 2.  RE: One of site is blocking the file upload - slow http - DDOS

    Posted 12-15-2023 09:26

    Hi Arularasan,

    Thanks for your post. I hope you are doing good.

    If you believe that this is a False Positive, you can do the following things to avoid it in the future:

    1) You can override the default rate for Slow HTTP protection or disable it entirely (not recommended). Please find more information about overriding the default rate here:

    2) You can add an exception (add entry to the allowlist) for DDoS protection. The exception can be based on URL, Client app ID, IP, or source country. Exceptions can be defined under a specific website configuration -> Website Settings -> WAF -> Add Allowlist. You can find more under the same url as in the previous point. 

    3) You can also raise a case and our support team can investigate if there are any other potential issues.

    I hope it helps. 

    Bartosz Chmielewski