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  • 1.  s-maxage

    Posted 10-13-2023 15:01

    There are a new set of CDN (shared public cache) headers which are supposed to allow easier application control of the CDN cache mechanism, allowing multiple CDN providers to be used (including local development proxy variants) together without a bunch of manual configurations.

    When 'max-age' is found by itself the standard behavior of only caching for this time period in seconds should be used, when the keyword 'private' is not applied. This btw is documented in Imperva's documentation as working this way.

    The 's-maxage' behavior is not documented at Imperva, and this is what we will either need a custom rule (which should be simple to implement) or is there but not documented on the website yet.

    Does anyone know if Imperva respects the s-maxage CDN header?


    Tyler Sigley
    Sr. Manager - Digital Architect
    British American Shared Services (GSD) Limited