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  • 1.  SecureSphere WAF in GCP

    Posted 10-14-2023 12:13


    I am deploying Imperva SecureSphere WAF in GCP. Currently it supports two NIC as per documentation but we are looking for complete segregation of traffic in, out and mgmt.

    Could you please let me know whether Imperva SecureSphere supports three NICs?

    If it supports only dual NIC, which configuration is best? One NIC for mgmt separate and another for IN/OUT or one NIC for mgmt/IN and another for OUT(external).




    Srinivasan Balasubramanian
    Senior Technical Security Analyst
    Lloyds Banking Group PLC

  • 2.  RE: SecureSphere WAF in GCP

    Posted 12-12-2023 07:21
    Edited by Roberto Junior 12-12-2023 07:24

    Good Morning

    I'm doing the same thing as you but in Azure Environment.

    The Simple Answer for your question is NO.

    Today only in latest Version "15.X."Something"" Can support TWO Interfaces, One of them is Management and Another is One-Arm traffic. 

    Being Honest I couldn't properly validate this. 

    I received this answer from Imperva's Dev Team

    We tried to manually create more interfaces but the Gateways simply ignores them and forward the traffic all under Interface Eth0.

    Also in order to use that you cannot deploy those gateways Under Marketplace path. You will need to use a Terraform Script im letting the link below:

    PS: They are updating their documentation regarding this. I believe this will be ready in couple weeks.

    Best Regards and Good luck.


    Roberto Junior
    Technical User
    ETEK Novared Brasil Ltda
    São Paulo