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  • 1.  Site Trees

    Posted 01-07-2024 14:56

    Hello There,

    We are deploying a new Imperva project. Any advice on how to build Site Trees or best practices. Also, how do Site Trees impact the environment? 


    Omar Ahmed Semeet
    Information Security Engineer, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Site Trees

    Posted 01-07-2024 23:51

    The Site Tree is a logical organizational structure, and it usually follows one of the scenarios listed in Site Tree Best Practices.

    Having said that, the Site Tree is also used to separate configurations between database types, IP Addresses, Agents, Security Policies, Agent Monitoring Policies, etc...

    Something you might like to do though is review this webinar regarding DAM Deployment Best Practices on our YouTube Channel.

    John Thompson
    Director, Channel Presales
    San Diego CA