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Convert Bulk MPRV (not encrypted DB audit) files to CSV files 

28 days ago

This bash script converts previously exported but not encrypted DB Audit files to CSV format like described in KB article which can be reached via link

- create /var/tmp/audit/ folder (you need to copy archived files to this folder as bulk) on related MX
- create /var/tmp/csv/ folder (converted files will be stored here) on related MX

1. Copy the script to MX server
2. Copy the archive files to /var/tmp/audit/ folder of related MX. (archive files should not be stored in subfolders)
3. Run the script "./"

Note: If you logout while script running, it will be interrupted, you should run it with nohup command

4. After all of the archive files exported, you can find CSV files under "/var/tmp/csv/<audit_archive_filename>/" subfolders

Note: If the audit archives are encrypted or signed, this article may help:

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27 days ago

That's a nice little script, well done!

It's also nice that there is scope for improvement, you could add error checking/handling, and the ability to handle encrypted files in the same script, but it's a nice simple implementation of the mechanism in the KB article.

Kudos to you!

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