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Gateway Throughput Tracker Script 

03-02-2021 10:05

When this bash script runs each time, it checks and (if it is not present) creates "/var/tmp/scripts/hades_outputs" folder on GW. Then it creates statistics files (as CSV format) for each Server Group under this folder and fills them with throughput values (application throughput, HTTP hits/sec, SQL hits/sec) of related Server Groups. In addition to Server Group statistics files, it also creates Total Throughput statistics CSV file and fills it with GW's total and application throughput values.

You can schedule it as cronjob to track Gateway Total throughput statistics and each Server Groups' specific throughput values for specific time interval.

Sample SS is below:

For more information about hades statistics: - Performance--How to determine throughput and number of connections per second for a specific server group? - Behaviour of Gateway CPU when handling traffic - SQL--SQL Hits vs Query Hits

Edit: I have updated the script (named as with new regex used for Server Group name parsing. Previously, If server group name contains digit, regex does not work correctly.


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