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Five Real-World Cloud WAF Rules - Community Webinar

By Christopher Detzel posted 07-21-2020 08:28

Community Webinar: Five Real-World Cloud WAF Rules

In this webinar goes through an in depth look at Imperva’s Cloud WAF Rules. He showed how customers can address specific real-world problems with the diverse set of Cloud WAF Rules available today. Kunal covers unique Cloud WAF’s unique predicates with a live web application and API.

Top questions asked during the webinar

1.  Is there a way to setup shared Rules that can be enabled for multiple sites without having to create separate rules that do the same thing for multiple websites?
2.  Which is processed first...a black listed IP, or a rule that was created to block an IP? Is one method more efficient than another?
3. Is there a way to block sql injection at imperva for java based application?
4. Can we pass the client_IP value in the header rewrite?
5. If we have configured cache on the WAF, deploying new rules are they applied immediately? Usually comments are configured on static pages, and hence we do add cache on static pages, adding rules, will it be applied immediately?(Limit number of comments)
6. Is their a possibility to setup a rule to block udp flooding?

Click 👉 here 👈 for the answers to the 👆 questions. 

Additional resources that was mentioned in this webinar are from Imperva's documentation site.