• Coming Soon: Unified Imperva Support Portal

    We are excited to announce that in Q1 2021, we will be launching a unified Imperva Support Portal. This one-stop unified support portal will offer you an enhanced user experience by giving you visibility into support cases for all of your Imperva products.

    Its design will also improve response times, which means less time behind the scenes with us and more time advancing your business. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:
    • One-stop unified support portal to open, update and view support cases for all Imperva products
    • Robust online knowledge library where you can find product documentation and articles
    • Direct access to Imperva Community at your fingertips for quick collaboration with other product users, partners and experts from around the world (

    If you have any questions, please reach out to us via 

  • New Imperva University Community!

    Heads-up! We now have a new community found here@Alexandra Pongracz will be managing it, as she runs Imperva's Training team. They will also be hosting new training's on the Imperva University Community. To follow it, join the community and you will be notified of all posts, training webinars and more. 

    When you click the link, you will need to "Join Community" as you can see in the pick below.