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  • In this very short edition of our WAF Gateway Fundamentals, I will cover (very succinctly) MX Alerts Data Structure, before we ...

  • Hello, In case you have missed it, I thought you might be interested in the 10th Annual Imperva Bad Bot Report we have ...

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  • Hi Community, I am so glad we record these sessions, because this one is GOLD for Imperva Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) ...

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  • *NEW* Cyber Threat Intel Report: 22-28 May

    Imperva's Cybersecurity Threat Research team are dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest cyber threats and breaches. Our Threat Intel Report offers a concise list of recent threats and breaches, complete with summaries and links to give you an insight into the current threat landscape. 

    Catch up on this week's blog here.


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