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Data Security Fabric - Community Q&A

  • 1.  Data Security Fabric - Community Q&A

    Posted 05-05-2022 09:09
    Hi all,

    We had a great community webinar last week on Data Security Fabric including a deep dive into the roadmap for 2022. As expected, we had great questions from the attendees. Here they are...

    1. Can the data security fabric be defined alongside DRA and Sonar? How are they different, how do they work together?
    2. Which of the Fabric capabilities is third-party driven?
    3. So Sonar is now DSF?
    4. Does this new Holistic Portal allow separation of duties to different teams or departments?  eg.. someone from the InfoSec Vulnerability Scanning Team can just perform vulnerability scans and review those reports, etc... ?
    5. When will the USC be able to manage Assessment Scanning on the MXs.  To my knowledge USC does not handle this yet.
    6. Many of the configs have to be done in the CLI on Sonar, will that change with CSF
    7. We manage policies and alerts from SOM. Can those be easily transferred to USC?
    8. For Data lakes, can we monitor this for traditional DAM or just for agentless (Sonar)?
    9. If I have Data Secure, does that mean I have the Data Security Fabric, or is there something else I need to buy?
    10. At some point you were pushing audit data to SIEM products such as Splunk, are you expected to keep more data in the DSF rather than send to SIEM?
    11. Is there any further info regarding the new Data Masking capabilities? will it be similar to the architecture of the old product ? (For example will masking "on-the-fly" be possible?)

    Check out the webinar recording to see how Shiri and Kobi answered these questions:

    Still got questions? Ask them below...

    Sarah Lamont(csp)
    Digital Community Manager