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  • Hey Robert, I got in touch with one of our Sonar team and he told me that S onar pulls from the db in oracle cloud using ssl (wallet), so traffic is encrypted. We treat oracle OCI sources just as on-prem oracle unified using wallets. Also, the ...

  • Hey Community! Hope you all had a super weekend. I thought it would be good to kick off this week by trying to get some answers to the questions that seem to have left our members stumped. Can you shed some light on these threads?... Unanswered ...

  • Hey Sukhmeet, I see you haven't had any answers here on this post. Were you able to move forward at all? If so, it would be great to know details. If not, I'll see if I can engage some of our users. Thanks ------------------------------ Sarah Lamont(csp) ...

  • Hey there, Were you able to find a solution? I noticed it has been a while since you posted. Thanks, ------------------------------ Sarah Lamont(csp) Digital Community Manager ------------------------------

  • Hi Paul, Looking at the website protection WAF service. You can download an excel file from the 'Websites' UI to list all of your sites & their 'Configuration' states. This will give you an excel file with all the sites listed & various other ...

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