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  • 1.  Imperva images

    Posted 07-08-2021 08:30

    What is the difference between /Imperva_DAM/Setup and /Imperva_Setup/v14/? When to use image/ovf for VMWARE from /Imperva_DAM/Setup and  when to use image/ovf for VMWARE from/Imperva_Setup/v14/? Which one is for installing DAM, which one is for WAF and which one is for MX? Previoulsy there was a single image for installing MX/GW but nowadays we have these two directories. As far as I remember nowadays a an MX server can have either GW DAM or GW WAF connected to it and MX can't have licenses for DAM and WAF installed and if you have separate DAM and separate WAF GW then you'll need two MX server (one for DAM GW, one for WAF GW), am I right?


    Igor Volkov
    Senior Security Engineer

  • 2.  RE: Imperva images

    Posted 07-15-2021 09:35
    Looking at the different versions in the two folders, I would have to say that /Imperva_DAM/Setup/v14 is for the newer versions once the split between DAM and WAF was complete.
    /Imperva_Setup/v14 only contains up to v14.3

    For installing DAM, I would use the latest version from /Imperva_DAM/Setup/v14/v14.5/VM
    I'm not able to see WAF folders, but I think it would be something similar.

    You are right in that DAM and WAF have been separated, and each require an MX.

    Robert Miller
    Senior Cybersecurity Engineer
    Bank of the West
    Omaha NE