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Profile and audit report related query.

  • 1.  Profile and audit report related query.

    Posted 05-02-2021 20:24
    I have some question related audit and agent report.

    1. In audit report one column  is there "response time". It is related the response taken by the  database for given query or response taken by the gateway for given query?

    2. Is there any way to generate or view traffic analysis  of data interface of particular agent from backend. I want to see the the traffic of data interface in minutes for perticilar day older then 5 days. I am getting in hour or day base from front end.
    3. Can I do the capping  of agent based on the  DB server throughput .

    4. What is the number of stream in the interface analysis report in imperva dam agent .

    5. If I had created rule in agent monitoring rule for whitelist the user ABC with source app jdbc thin  client.  Still I am getting profile alerts for new database and schema on same server.  Also can I get audit log for this new database or not?

    6. If I didn't  add the new agent  ip in the  site then agent policy rule and other security policy will work for that new agent or not?


    Ajay Rawat