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Scuba MS-SQL "Extended Protection" support? ("untrusted domain" message)

  • 1.  Scuba MS-SQL "Extended Protection" support? ("untrusted domain" message)

    Posted 12-31-2020 14:52
    Thanks for your attention. Much appreciated.
    A colleague would like to use windows domain credentials to scan an mssql server (mssql server has windows authentication enabled).
    Attempts to log into and scan an mssql server with MS SQL's "Extended Protection" in sql configuration manager for a database/instance fails with "untrusted domain" message after clicking "GO" in Scuba's interface.
    We are wondering if Scuba supports "Extended Protection"? (we tested with it off, and there were no problems).
    sql extended protectionOr perhaps we are not specifying the "instance" format properly?
    (we tested with an SQL account, and there are no problems, but we have a requirement to use Windows credentials).
    Thanks for any help/advice/suggestions.


    Jose Gonzalez