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Cloud / Application Security Release Notes

  • 1.  Cloud / Application Security Release Notes

    Posted 12-12-2022 11:23

    Hi Community,

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    Here is the high level overview...

    New APIs for policies

    Additional APIs for managing your account's policies were added.

    The new APIs enable you to manage the list of default policies in an account, and the list of available policies that the account can use and apply to its assets.

    • GET /v3/accounts/associated-policies
    • PUT /v3/accounts/associated-policies (full update)
    • PATCH /v3/accounts/associated-policies (partial update)

    For more details, see Policy Management API Definition.

    DDoS Protection for Networks and IPs: SIEM Log Integration

    The SIEM log integration for network/IP protection events is now available by default to customers subscribed to the DDoS Protection for Networks/IPs services.

    What changed: You can now configure the SIEM log integration via the UI without first submitting a request to Imperva Support to enable the feature for your account.

    For more details, see:

    DDoS Protection for Networks and IPs: Average values on security dashboard

    In addition to displaying peak values, the dashboard now also displays average values for the selected time range.

    What changed: A drop-down was added, enabling you to choose to view the data according to peak or average values.

    Note: The drop-down is not displayed in the Real Time view.

    For more details, see Security Dashboard: DDoS Protection for Networks and IPs.

    API Security: My APIs on the Inventory Page

    The My APIs tab in the Inventory page was modified.

    What changed: The API Hosts and Data Labels widgets were removed.

    Why the change? They were redundant. The information is available from the Discovered APIs tab.

    Where it's located: API Security > Inventory > My APIs.

    For details on the My APIs tab, see My APIs.

    New version of the Imperva Terraform Provider

    Version 3.12.0 of the Imperva Terraform Provider is now available.

    For the list of changes included in this version, see

    For more details on the Imperva resources, see the Terraform Registry.

    Recently mitigated CVEs

    Mitigation for new Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) is added weekly by Imperva Research Labs.

    To view the latest CVEs for which coverage was added, see Recently Mitigated CVEs.


    Sarah Lamont
    Digital Community Manager