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  • 1.  Introduce yourself!

    Posted 07-14-2022 11:16
    Hi Community,

    I thought it was about time we had a thread for members to introduce themselves.

    Maybe you'd like to tell us a little more about yourself, your role and the Imperva products you are using or interested in? What you hope to gain from Imperva COmmunity?

    ... and anything else you'd like to share really.

    Let us know below...

    Sarah Lamont
    Digital Community Manager

  • 2.  RE: Introduce yourself!

    Posted 07-14-2022 11:24
    I'll start...

    I'm Sarah, Imperva's Community Manager! (I know, I'm sure you see me here enough)
    I am learning from you all everyday and get really excited when our Imperva team have new features and tips to share in blogs / webinars. I'd love to see even more tips / best practices from our users. I'm also a BIG fan of our video hub! :-)

    I am beyond excited about my first trip to Italy next week (a little less excited about dealing with 2 kids in the heat, but only a little).

    I'm going to tap a couple of my fellow Imperva team mates to introduce themselves and some of their existing work on community.

    @Jaired Anderson @Ira Miga @Jim Burtoft - over to you :-)​​​​

    Sarah Lamont
    Digital Community Manager

  • 3.  RE: Introduce yourself!

    Posted 07-15-2022 08:36
    Hi Community, Hi Sarah, Hi IMPERVA

    It's nice to belong to IMPERVA Community.
    I have been working with IMPERVA's technology for over ten years.
    I did a lot of PoCs, PoVs, and product deployments of WAF, DAM, JSonar, RASP and CloudWAF/anti-DDoS with the rest of the modules.
    I know that TraffordIT was the first IMPERVA Partner who has achieved all technical statuses: Support Partner, Professional Services Partner, Professional Services Engineer, and Technical Support Engineer with the sales Platinium Partner status at the same time.
    It is a big honor because I can work worldwide as IMPERVA Professional Services Engineer and Technical Support Engineer implementing and supporting IMPERVA.
    I'm here because I love helping and sharing my knowledge and experience.

    You can call or write me if you need help during implementation or services.

    Private - I love sailing and canoeing.

    Karol Gruszczyński
    IT Security Expert
    Trafford IT

  • 4.  RE: Introduce yourself!

    Posted 07-16-2022 03:21
    Hi Community, @Sarah Lamont(csp) and @Karol Gruszczynski,

    I'm Ira, Knowledge Engineer @Imperva.
    And also a big Community fan!
    I'm excited about sharing knowledge about Imperva products with Imperva customers, my colleagues from different companies passionate about Cyber Security and an​yone who is interested in learning more. I've been with Imperva for almost 6 years now, started as a Managed Services Engineer, but found out my real passion is learning and sharing what I've learned and since then I'm a Knowledge Engineer. Working at Imperva allows learning amazing things about the newest technologies that exist now on the market and also working with terrific and smart people.
    I'd love to see more people sharing their "tips and tricks" about Imperva products and how they are using the tools we are providing to the customers.
    On a personal note, I love running! Even ran a marathon once, but since my baby was born last year, I'm still struggling to get back on track.. 
    Hope to be back to my usual distances soon..

    See you on Community or in the park running with a stroller 🏃🏼‍♀️ 😀..

    Ira Miga
    Knowledge Engineer

  • 5.  RE: Introduce yourself!

    Posted 07-18-2022 17:16
    LOVE these answers @Ira Miga and @Karol Gruszczynski. Thank you!

    If you haven't seen Karol and Ira's community contributions so far, check out their​ "Contributions" section of their profiles. They have helped so many with their expertise!!


    Would any of our new members like to introduce themselves?

    Sarah Lamont
    Digital Community Manager

  • 6.  RE: Introduce yourself!

    Posted 07-19-2022 08:38
    Hiii Team,

    I am Gerta & so happy to be a member of our friendly Imperva Community.

    I always like challenges and Imperva's products for me are a challenge in themselves. All the questions and answers on this community are a good point of view. You can learn and clarify what you have learned.

    I am also beyond excited about my trip to Brussel on August 💃💃😊😊 

    Thank you guys 😀

    Olgerta Prendi
    Cyber Security Specialist
    S&T Albania

  • 7.  RE: Introduce yourself!

    Posted 07-19-2022 11:28
    Great to hear from you, Gerta! I love Belgium - hope you have a great trip!

    I've loved seeing you pop up in Community - I'm so impressed that you've already earned your silver badge! Can't wait to hear more from you!

    Sarah Lamont
    Digital Community Manager