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Release Note: DDoS Protection for Networks - Manually divert your ranges

  • 1.  Release Note: DDoS Protection for Networks - Manually divert your ranges

    Posted 08-30-2022 06:08
    Edited by Sarah Lamont 08-30-2022 07:11
    Hi Community,

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    In this week's release...

    DDoS Protection for Networks: Manually divert your ranges on demand

    DDoS Protection for Networks customers working in on-demand mode can now manually divert and revert their network ranges.

    What changed: Previously, the divert and revert actions were only performed by Imperva, either automatically or via Support.

    Now, you can divert your ranges directly from the Cloud Security Console as needed. For example, this can be useful when:

    • Imperva has attempted to contact your organization, but you could not be reached. You then receive email and/or SMS notification from Imperva that you are under attack and can immediately divert your ranges.
    • You want to divert a range to test performance when your traffic is diverted to Imperva. Previously, this required a Support Ticket.
    • You want to avoid reverting traffic back to your network during peak business hours. You can now choose to revert traffic before the end of Imperva's "clean traffic waiting period", or optionally extend the diversion by an additional 72 hours during which time you will be able to schedule the revert.
    Click here to see full details of the release.


    Sarah Lamont
    Digital Community Manager