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Release Notes January 8, 2023

  • 1.  Release Notes January 8, 2023

    Posted 01-09-2023 05:43

    Hi Community,

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    Check out the headlines below for an overview of this week's releases...

    Advanced Bot Protection: Default rate limiting values

    You can now configure a website group's default rate limiting values when you create the website group, or at any time thereafter. These are values for requests per minute, requests per session and session length...

    Check out the update for full details.

    API Security: Excessive Data Exposure

    API Security is now able to detect APIs in the application environment that are providing excessive data in response to API call requests.

    Why the change? This change helps you identity API Endpoints which are exposing excessive data in response to API requests.

    Where it's located: API Security > Settings.

    For more details, see: Settings.

    Identity Management Migration (Okta) Updates

    The migration to Okta for Identity Management, which was originally announced in the September 18, 2022 Release, is scheduled to resume in January with the following updates.

    ·         Two-factor authentication: Users with 2FA are now presented with available verification options on their first login after migration...

    Click here for the full update and for more details, see Website Performance Dashboard.

    API for Near Real-Time SIEM Log Integration

    You can now manage SIEM log connections and configurations for your account using the Imperva API.

    For details, see SIEM Log Configuration API Definition.

    Account Takeover Protection: New data for tracking login activity over time

    New data points were added to the Login activity over time graph, increasing your visibility into trends on logins and account takeover (ATO) attempts to your sites. Click here for the full update on what has changed.

    New version of the Imperva Terraform Provider

    Version 3.13.0 of the Imperva Terraform Provider is now available. See this update for details.

    Recently mitigated CVEs

    Mitigation for new Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) is added weekly by Imperva Research Labs.

    To view the latest CVEs for which coverage was added, see Recently Mitigated CVEs.


    Sarah Lamont
    Digital Community Manager