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  • 1.  WAF - expired license

    Posted 07-29-2022 08:46
    due to some misunderstandings between the local distributor and the Imperva licensing division, I was unable to obtain a license for WAF.
    The current license expires in 2 days.
    what happens after the license expires? will the platform still work? will I still have access to the management console? if yes, to which modules? if not, what can i do?.
    Organization Name: *******************
    SecureSphere Challenge: *********
    SecureSphere Version: 13.0
    License Type: Perpetual
    License Level: Enterprise Edition
    License Products: Web
    Issuing Date: 7/26/21
    PO Number: All

    WAF V1000

    Maintenance  Start:  7/26/21   Expired:  7/31/22

    thank you,

    Mihai Mitu

  • 2.  RE: WAF - expired license

    Posted 07-31-2022 17:56

    I'm not an Imperva employee, but I think you will be able to log in to the console, and all security policies will be worked as usual. So, you will be protected by WAF.
    But you will lose access to the updates and cannot open the new support case.
    Imperva, am I right?

    Karol Gruszczy?ski
    IT Security Expert
    Trafford IT

  • 3.  RE: WAF - expired license

    Posted 08-01-2022 03:41

    Yes Karol, You are right. Since the license is a perpetual license, it will work indefinitely however you lose all the benefits of active technical support, such as technical assistance or software and signature updates. This may result in a reduction in the level of protection of your applications against new threats. 

    Bartosz Chmielewski