Data Security Fabric: DAM - How to Identify Privileged User Activities and Database Vulnerabilities

When:  Jun 1, 2022 from 06:00 to 07:00 (BST)
Associated with  Imperva Cyber Community

Melbourne: 3pm / Tokyo: 2pm / Beijing: 1pm

We are delighted to welcome Nishit Nair and Louis Zisidias for the second session in our series of DAM webinars. 

Hardening your database environment is the process of evaluating and tracking the security strength of your databases. The evaluation process examines your database environment to highlight vulnerabilities, configuration issues, and compare it with industry best practices.

In this Webinar, we will discuss three key steps that you can take to harden your database environment and gain insight that will give you the ability to remediate issues and protect your environment from internal and external threats.
  1. Locking down important database resources to prevent misuse
  2. Review existing configurations that are currently in use and disable functions or configurations that are not required
  3. Enforce the principle of least privilege. Maintaining an inventory of privileged accounts will provide you with a holistic view on who has the highest level of permissions including permissions for managing users profiles and privileges
As always, we will a Q&A session so be sure to bring your questions for the team.

You can watch the first session, here.
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