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  • Hi Experts, we finding a way that how we can capture the policy info of each server group. as we have a requirement to copy each DAM security policy description of each server group and report to the application team and its bit hard to capture as print screen of all policies in MX GUI manually and paste in word doc and send. Please assist. Regards, Moorthy #DatabaseActivityMonitoring ------------------------------ MOORTHY ETTIYANNAN dba/dam IHIS Singapore ------------------------------ More

  • Hi My securesphere have a high memory,top command display the gw.x usage 85%. I know that linux pre-allocated the memory give securesphere , but i think the memory will freed when the traffic low. The high traffic increase the mem usage,but after 24h, the memory still very high and keep 90% usage,even thought my traffic just around 200KB. There are any recommand ,thanks how long the mem usage will freed ? #On-PremisesWAF(formerlySecuresphere) ------------------------------ Jeff Gao Secure Engineer ... More

  • Hello, It seems that I cannot preview custom error pages. I have entered valid HTML into the field, making certain that I have $TITLE$ and $BODY$ placeholders. When I click on the preview button, it loads a blank page. Viewing shows a skeletal HTML document structure with minimal tags and no content. #CloudWAF(formerlyIncapsula) ------------------------------ Todd Bunce Application Security Technical Lead OR ------------------------------ More

  • Good day everyone I have questions in regard to reports from on-prem device. I generate a reports that contain the alert name, description, number of events and destination IP. As I sum up the number of events the result is only a 5k plus but when I generate the reports without the destination IP and sum up all the number of events the result is 400k plus. Can anyone explain this? I was having difficulty in understanding this part. Thank you. #On-PremisesWAF(formerlySecuresphere) ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hi, Any ideas so that, through SECURESPHERE, we can detect communication interruptions in the protected databases (something like generating database availability alerts). #DatabaseActivityMonitoring ------------------------------ Javier Carmona Baeza Support Team Mexico City ------------------------------ More

  • I created a custom assessment report and need to include custom columns such as "Data Script Result Column 2 and 3", but I want the column names to show a custom value instead of the "Data Script Result Column". Is it somehow possible to do and to then send that report by email? #DatabaseActivityMonitoring ------------------------------ Juan Cardona Professional Services Supervisor NOVARED S.A. Buenos Aires ------------------------------ More

  • Hello. After deleting the contents of /tmp directory on WAF GW we got such error message: impctl status Platform Engine not started - Please load PCE and try again How to restore the normal status and get rid of this error message without rebooting the appliance? #On-PremisesWAF(formerlySecuresphere) ------------------------------ Igor Volkov Security Engineer Moscow ------------------------------ More

  • Hi Folks, Hope you're all well. Is there any command/script in CWAF-CLI to export all the exceptions that have been added under WAF settings for each threat type? (It can be either a single site export or one export for all the sites) Please let me know if this possible with the CWAF-CLI!? Thanks in advance for your help! Regards, Shrinik #CloudWAF(formerlyIncapsula) ------------------------------ Shrinik Srinivasa Security Analyst PageUp Melbourne, Australia --------------------------- ... More

  • Dears I have DB Server include multiple DBs. During the implementation I didn't define the DBs under the Application, so all the DB Profiling was added under Default Application. After that, I created an Application for each DB so the DAM started to learn and build the profile for each DB but, at the same time, the default Application still exist with the old information the question is how can I reset or clear the old learning information for this application? #AccountTakeOver #AdvancedBotProtection ... More

  • Hi I'm looking into the possibility of automating as much of the MX export/import process as possible. We will be using version running on demand instances in AWS. From this version it appears that Imperva have taken a different approach to patching. Instead of patching the MX online from the public ftp site, the new method follows the blue/green approach. A new MX is created, the export from the current MX is imported, and the two are swapped over. The rough steps go as follows. Export ... More