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  • As part of security assessment, we need to know how secure is the Imperva DAM agent? Is there any security process/review counducted by Imperva before releasing the agent? Is there any industry standards Imperva is following for the agent security? ...

  • Hi @Rakesh Chinta , Do I understand that you're looking for best practices or recommendations for initially deploying a DSF environment, and/or for sizing / scoping considerations, initial system configuration, etc...? #DataSecurityFabric , #DSF ...

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  • Hi Community I wanted to share some information on an upcoming change in our CAPTCHA solution, as part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with the highest level of security and service. This is purely informational - no action is required ...

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  • Has anyone had any luck on creating a report based off of Data Enrichment? We have included what "user-agent" is being used when accessing our sites, and would like to create a report to see the various user agents that are used in a quick manner (without ...

  • Hi Community, Have you seen our recent reviews on Gartner Peer Insights?. I have included a little highlight below, but you can see the full review here . Your opinion matters to us and helps us understand your ...

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